About Kasia

Katarzyna Haroldsen, known by her fans simply as Kasia, was born in Sopot, Poland, near Gdansk.

She began her first piano lessons at six years of age. At seven, she began violin lessons and music theory. Surrounded by her supportive family, Kasia carried her musical dreams to America in 1993 to study music at Southern Utah University in St. George, Utah, where Kasia developed her talents in songwriting and music composition.

Her lovely voice and haunting melodies are fond reminiscences of her early life with family and friends in a country far away from her current home in Washington state where she lives with her husband and children.

Her music touches the hearts of listeners with a message that speaks to the soul. Experience joy and peace with Kasia's music.

Spokane Youth Symphony

The Spokane Youth Symphony began in 1949 as a "teaching orchestra" environment for young musicians in the Spokane area. Designed to provide the students with large group performance opportunities, as well as chamber music experience, the youth orchestra program allows students to enhance their musical skills by interacting with other musicians of varying abilities and performing music they find challenging yet attainable.

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