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Vanessa Mae – I’m a Doun For Lack of Johnnie

I really enjoy watching and listening Vanessa Mae, and this piece is one of my favorites, so enjoy :-)

▶ Vanessa Mae – I’m a Doun For Lack of Johnnie music video – YouTube

“Studzienka” (A Well) a new CD with my children

Today my children and I were perfroming at the Spokane Folk Festival.  It was our last time together on that stage.  It is the time to give opportunity to other performers…
We had a great time!  Few years ago I performed by myself  and today all of my children were performing even Ancel, (played on the recorder :-)
 I appreciate performing with my children, they have great skills.  In October we recorded CD called “Studzienka” which means “A Well”, this is the cover from this album.  I chose to put songs that I performed in past few years on the Folk Festival.