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Janice Tucker Rhoda

Janice’s books are fantastic! I’ve been using her material for over 10 years, it is very easy to use for beginners, contains variety of styles and it progresses with each level. I suggest to visit this site to find valuable links (like where to purchase her books) and samples of music from her books and CDs.

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Better Practice App

Use my affiliate link to sign up for the Better Practice App to enhance your learning experience. It makes learning music enjoyable and helps students stay on top of their lessons. Once registered, you can sign in to your app from our home page.


Downloadable Practice Log for students that are not using Better Practice App

Studio Policy

The Studio Policy describes in detail the requirements, expectations and commitment of the students and parents. Download

Media Consent Form

At times I will take pictures or make recordings of the students and would like to share the media on my Studio website, social media or with other students. The purpose of the consent form is to prevent any misunderstanding.

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Financial Contract & Attendance Agreement

This document describes the financial agreement between student/parent and a teacher.

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Student Registration Form

Please complete the Student Registration form and submit it.

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Piano Lesson Tuition Payment

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These are the people that helped me create the content for the website.

Emily Coombs Photography

Emily Coombs has own Photo studio and she was willing to take some of the photos that I have been using in my studio as well in some of my music videos. Check It Out

Ishii Design

Mark Ishii is the designer of my website. Has been working with me for many years and I am very thankful for his time and effort.

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