Our daughters, ages 7 and 11, take piano lessons with Kasia and we are so very pleased! Since we began over a year ago, we have been amazed and delighted by their musical progress and their growing sense of accomplishment. Kasia is such a talented teacher and her own musical abilities brings such a rich dynamic to each lesson. Our daughters both respond positively to her patient focus, kind and fun-loving encouragement, and honest approachability. We are so very thankful that Kasia has introduced our girls to the language, expression, and creativity of music and, additionally, we are excited to continue on this fantastic journey! Thank you Kasia!”

Brenda Johnson

Passionate, Patient, Kind. These traits and so many more describe my teacher, Kasia.

Her passion for music will shine through as she invigorates you with technique and knowledge to better your playing.

Her patient attitude will be displayed when you come to a trying (and i mean TRYING) part of the music.

Her kindness will be shown as she asks you how your day is going, and hears about a tough situation.

One last thing I love so much about Kaisa.


She has a wealth of music knowledge. She had an answer to every question I’ve asked.


Hi Kasia. Christopher wants to add the following comment regarding violin lessons: “Kasia’s teaching method is effective and easy to understand. She helps you develop the correct playing method in a calm, caring environment.”


My daughter (6 years old) has been taking piano lessons from Kasia and it has been wonderful! We have been so impressed with our daughter’s progress and she loves going to her lessons.


“I like Kasia’s piano classes because I can learn a lot from her.”


“I like Kasia’s piano classes because she is always very nice and I like playing the piano.”


I have so appreciated my daughter’s music teacher, Kasia Haroldsen. She is exceptional at promoting both music as a discipline and as another language which her students may communicate through. She has been consistently patient and encouraging and yet quick to perceive the cause of performance problems. She works on helping the student with the basics so they are able to enjoy playing music!


I am a seventy year old woman with a piano that sat for several years unused. I have always wanted to play the piano so decided that rather than get rid of the piano I would learn to play and enjoy it. Kasia Haroldsen is an excellent teacher. She is patient as I try to learn the new patterns and willingly, and kindly, repeats information and answers questions that probably seem obvious to her. She also has a very good sense of humor and encourages her students to be relaxed and enjoy their playing music.


Recently, I retired from being a lawyer for over thirty years and have dreamed of playing the violin. I have taken violin lessons from Kasia for over a year now.

Kasia is an excellent teacher who cares about her students and customizes her instruction to their particular need.

I have come to learn that the “magic” of the violin lies in the bow. Indeed, the instrument is magical and we are fortunate to have Kasia teaching the instrument to our students.

Without hesitation, I recommend her to you.


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