“Kasia’s music is of a naturally soothing nature that anyone will find enjoyable!”



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Kasia invests her heart and soul into every song. Many songs are available in both English and her beautiful native language of Polish.

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Kasia’s beautiful music is available for purchase online in the form of CDs, Single MP3s or even sheet music.

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Kasia posts to her blog regularly. Visit the blog regularly to see what Kasi is up to.

Updated frequently. Check back regularly.

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Music Lessons

Kasia enjoys sharing her musical talent with others in the form of music lessons. These lessons are taught using the Australian Simply Music method on either piano. She also offers tradional music lessons on violin, viola, guitar, recorder and vocal.

Kasia has developed an enjoyable and effective method of teaching music that motivates students to continue learning.


Kasia’s Videos

A collection of fun and inspiring performances captured on video.

“Julianka Kołysanka” (Lullaby for Julian)

Julian’s last cello recital performing with his sister.

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I composed this piece while I was attending collage in 1996. The music in this video was performed by my daughter Alina and the beautiful photos were taken by my daughter-in-law, Emily.

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Kasia Haroldsen “Gonić Marzenia” (Follow the dream)

This song is about “following, or chasing your dreams”. The first time I heard this song was when I observed my older brother and his friends gathered together and playing the guitar. I was a very young girl at that time and I always loved the tune and the lyrics. It is composed by Juryj Kukin.

Simply put “If you have dreams, go out there, discover and follow them”.

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Bajeczka – Był sobie Król”, a “Fairytale” Is a traditional folk tune with lyrics written by Janina Porazińska

My Mother used to sing this song to me when I was a little girl. When I was old enough to understand the lyrics, I was so sad to learn that characters in the story died. But I also realized that they were made out of sweets, which made me feel better :-). Now I sing this “lullaby” to my children and grandchildren.

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